10 Awesome Things about Having a Miscarriage

1. Visiting your OB lab office to get blood drawn multiple times amongst all the happy mothers to be with their glowing faces and growing bellies.

2. Having your male colleagues repeatedly ask you why you had to take a sick day.

3. Your family all pretending like it never happened, let’s just talk about something else!

4. Getting to go back to using giant maxi pads, just like your first period in middle school.

5. Not having to finish filling out the pages of your “Belly Book”.

6. Packing up your maternity clothes again, who wants to wear comfortable elastic waist pants anyways?

7. Knowing that your pregnancy was “never meant to be”, it’s so comforting!

8. Those daily reminders of “how big your baby is today”, good thing your baby doesn’t exist anymore and you don’t have to worry about figuring out how big is a kumquat, really??

9. Telling your spouse he doesn’t have to worry about that “Doctors Appointment” he forgot off his calendar, no need to get an ultrasound of an empty uterus. Oh, and don't forget having to answer the question of "how many pregnancies have you had?" until the end of time. 

10. Paying bills for multiple doctor visits and lab tests all for a baby you’ll never have. OK this one actually DOES suck. 😉

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