A Home Organized for Fun with Kids

I think it is a huge compliment when visitors say our house is so clean and organized. I could probably take an entire month of vacation and just go through every closet in my house and organize to perfection. Fortunately, I typically end up using my vacation time on more fun things, but I do like to organize. Most importantly, I like to organize in a way that allows fun and messes and life to occur. 
Here are my keys to keeping your house organized while still allowing kids (and adults) to have fun!
1) Make Clean-Up Easy with Large Bins
While having a bin for each toy is great, it is not practical to expect toddlers to put toys back into individual bins. I love large bins for super easy cleanup. 
2) Expect Messes
We have come to embrace "rustic" furniture. We don't buy things that can get ruined easily. Leather, wood, washable surfaces are our friends. I also put up hooks all over. My husband didn't know why I was doing this at first, but he has seemed to fill up every hook in the house. It is much easier to toss a coat onto a hook than to put it on a hanger. And here are my choices: on a hook, or on the floor. Hooks it is!

3) Have Kids Storage in Every Room
Our daughter plays in nearly every room of our house- the living room, the reading room, the dining room, and the play room. We also read lots of books at night in our Master bedroom and her bedroom so we have bookshelves everywhere. Storage in the bathroom is important too. 
4) Stay Diligent
We clean up every mess, every time, every day. Every night while one of us does bathtime, the other parents quickly runs through the house and straightens up. It makes for a nice fresh start every morning. 
5) Organize those Closets
When possible, try to organize your closets as best as possible. The easier it is to put something away in the closet, the higher chance it will be put away!
Below, I have included some of my favorite products for staying organized at home with kids. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ExpectingHappiness@gmail.com 
Happy Organizing!

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