Thirty FIVE

Next week I am turning thirty-five. I have accomplished so many things (become the first in my family to graduate college, married my love and laughter partner, became a mother, had a successful career) but I still feel like I've got SO much left to do! I always imagined I would be done having kids long before now but whoops we haven't even started on a second one... So I am tackling other to-do's, such as getting in shape!

A couple weeks ago I decided to hire a personal trainer, Lisa. Lisa is in very excellent shape. She is petite and older than I am, but could certainly beat me at pretty much any physical activity. Lisa texts me to ask me what I am eating, and preps me for food to eat on vacation, for breakfast, for my birthday. She is just as much as mental coach as she is a physical one. I am not new to getting in shape or losing weight. About ten years ago I lost over 50 pounds. The past six months were full of stress (moving, buying and selling), holidays that were drawn out too long, lots of cleaning off my toddlers plate and probably a couple too many IPAs (they unfortunately have LOTS of calories).

I'm keeping my goals one at a time, and I'm not making myself miserable. But I have changed the way I think of food and my body. It's the only body I'm getting and it's time to treat it with more respect again. I am considered advanced maternal age now, so you know, show some respect!!!

In response to my worries about becoming 35, my very good friend said to me:
"Not to worry, we are so fabulous, aging is not the same for us. That's the secret to stayin young. Be more fabulous than your age!"

Stay fabulous my friends!


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