How to Love Your Built-Ins Again!

When we first purchased our condo, one of my favorite things was the huge wall of bookshelves. It was so functional, and was a great place to display some of favorite belongings. A few years later, we had used this as a dumping ground and they just felt messy, all the time.

I decided to paint them white, and re-style them! I had no idea what a huge impact this would make to our whole house. I spread the work out over 2-3 days, so it was pretty easy. I also made sure to have some adult beverages on hand :-)

I sanded the entire bookshelf and started layering on the white primer/paint.

We have SOOOO many books and organizing them by category was functional, but not cute. I was swooning over several organized-by-color bookshelves and knew that was the way to go. So I started organizing all of our books by colors - White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black.

To make sure I liked the way that the colors would be organized, I used some kids construction paper to test out the color configuration. Very colorful, but not too rainbow-y.

Then it was time to start loading up the books. I wanted to do combinations of stacked books next to upright books. I also added in some vases and knick knacks here and there (make sure to WAIT to put books on your shelves until they are totally, completely dry). 

Here is how the shelves looked once I was complete! I also added a piece of moulding at the top and changed the door handles. I loved it! (this was about 4 years ago)

When it came to selling our place this past Fall, I knew that I needed to go a step further in my bookshelf styling and really get it looking its best. We packed up most of the paperback books and I just loved the way it turned out. Why is it that your house looks its absolute best when you're about to move out?
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What projects have you tried that surprised you?
Happy house improving!

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