Cooking a Blue Apron Meal with a Toddler

"It definitely makes you feel like a chef, but it's a lot of work" -my Husband

A friend offered me a free trial of Blue Apron so of course I wanted to check it out- we are known for having a mostly empty fridge and needed to shake up our dinner routine. I selected the option for 3 days of meals for 2 people. They gave me the choice to change the menu but I decided to just stick with whatever they have me.

The first meal we tried was chicken meatballs with polenta. It was extremely delicious but took almost an hour from prep to serve. I'll have to look into other recipes with less time. My toddler needs to eat and needs to eat NOW!

We had fun (for a while), and Keira helped me trim the kale for the tomato sauce.

{Booster Seat: Chicken Luv, Forest Critters}

She also helped peel the garlic, and took a giant bite of a fresh clove. "Keira no like this one" and she quickly spit it out :-)

Around this time she lost interest and went to go play puzzles with dad. I finished the rest and my husband kept asking "when are we eating?".

{Mixing Bowl, Part of a Set: Francois et Mimi}

Everything smelled delicious and I was starving! I kept sneaking bites of the creamy polenta.

I tried to turn the meat mixture into meatballs but ended up with little smashed patties instead. If I did it again I would just mush it all up and cook it like sausage or ground beef for tacos.

BlueApron included everything you need to make the meal so no wondering if you have ingredients in your pantry. (Except salt and pepper they recommend to add to taste)

It was now time to plate everything and I wanted to use bowls just like the instructions showed. 

I thought it was one of the most delicious meals I've had in a while but my daughter just poked it and said "yucky" and ate none! So disappointing! But then I realized that I could eat her portion for lunch the next day (it made fantastic leftovers!).

In summary, I think this is a great service and especially recommend for people with ether no kids or older kids. I think we will look into a place that sends me at least partially prepared food that we can just microwave :-)

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  1. I thought it was way way too much effort! I'm into easy cooking. :)

    1. AMaynard- I am right there with you! Great product, but too much work.

  2. I love this post! I've been wanting to try this service ever since my realtor got me one free trial when we bought our house........that was 1 1/2 years ago - probably should get on that. Thanks for reminding me. It looks like Keira had so much fun! :)

    1. @FoodLove Girl, it was really fun, but as @AMaynard points out above... way too much effort with kids running around. Highly recommend for pre-baby time of your life!

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