Keira's Woodland Theme Second Birthday Party

So here I am writing a two year post. Wow. My little baby is now a two year old! Keira has been in love with animals for a long time now, and when I spotted this adorable invite on Shuttferfly, I knew I had my party theme selected.

Of course it couldn't just be animals, I wanted it to be a magical forest party, complete with sparkling pinecones and flying owls.

I have to say that the menu for this party was the easiest (and healthiest) party food I've ever put together. 

Here was my Woodland shopping list:
Pretzel sticks
Cucumber slices
Cherry tomatoes
Green wraps with turkey and cheese 
Banana chips
Whole carrots (this kids LOVED these!)

My friend BeckyBakes made us this beautiful birthday cake as a gift and it tasted just as good as it looked (amazing).

The party favors were little fox boxes full of Hershey kisses and a bag of Annie's bunnies attached.

The kids had a great time running around. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Kerias second birthday and she had an absolute blast!

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