Working Moms Lunch: September Recap

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed at my company's September Working Moms Lunch:

Potty Training
It’s a crap shoot (literally)
Try the peer pressure approach of training at the same time as schoolmates
Enjoy them while they are babies J

Girl Scouts
Some moms in the office will be selling cookies soon, contact them to buy some yumminess!
Sign up for Girl Scouts starting with Kindergarten

It’s a phase
It stops by the time they are 9 years old 
Teachers should be aware of “warning signs” that child may bite soon

Sleeping Through the Night
Don’t expect it to happen until they are in grade school (and sometimes not even then)
You aren’t weird if your kids are going to be at 9pm.

Personal Shopping subscription (you can pick different intervals- every 1, 3, 6 months)
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