Why it's OK to "Baby" your baby

A new mom posted in my breastfeeding support group message board that her pediatrician was "instructing" her to sleep train her less than one year old baby. She obviously felt hestitation, natrually. Here are my thoughts on this situation!
Going to your baby when they cry is a primal instinct. 

I believe that sometime in the 1800's / 1900's someone came up with a theory that babies are only crying to manipulate parents and must be kept away and must be trained. It is so sad to think about but I think that this has carried through to our grandparents and even some of our parent's generations. I have been commonly told to "just let her cry", or "fussing won't hurt her", or "geez will you stop wearing her!", or "gosh isn't she ready to wean?". 

I am NOT going to put my crying baby down, I am not going to stop baby wearing and I am not going to stop breastfeeding just because of some outdated ideas that my parents or in-laws have about babies. Unfortunately this is all so ingrained in our society - what are the first things you typically see advertised as registry items? CRIB. STROLLER. BOTTLES. SWING. BOUNCY CHAIR. All items that separate you from your baby. 

My dream is for moms to happily, and without criticism, follow their parental instincts to BABY their BABIES! Kids that are 6 months, 10 months, even 2 or 3 years are STILL BABIES. They are so early in their development and its completely understandable that they want continued close contact with their mothers. I would love to see people registering for baby carriers, blankets and books- so they can hold baby close and let them play on the ground when they want be free. 

Sorry for the rant but this is something that I feel so super passionate about. Do not let people (such as Pediatrician, parents or grandparents) try to pressure you into doing something you don't feel is right. YOU know your baby's needs best. 

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