Fresh Air with Fresh Wave!

Let me go off topic for a minute... every since I became pregnant, I cannot stand the smell of anything artificial. No candles, no perfume, NO air fresheners. When I walked by the Fresh Wave booth at MOMMYCON DC, I almost didn't stop. But I was intrigued by the NATURAL ingredients so I gave it a try. I opened up the odor removing gel when I got home and took a BIG whiff. NICE! Wait? I like this? WOW! It has a very soft organic scent and MORE importantly, removed the "organic scent" of dirty baby diapers from our diaper bin. 
When you are a mom of not only a messy toddler, but also an 80-pound dog, you need some odor removal in your house.

They are cute, right? But sometimes they are smelly. Dirty diapers, smelly shoes, dog breath. Ew.
This package of FreshWave products will take care of all of that.

Let's start with the odor removing gel- drop one of these pucks into the bottom of your diaper pail and say goodbye to complaints about your stinky dirty diapers that you forget to take out except for once a week. No more husband claiming that his "office" (aka our nursery) smells like he is working in a sewage treatment plant. Instead you get nice comments like "wow, this smells like eucalyptus!"
(I am proud to say that I spelled eucalyptus correctly without looking in a dictionary! But yes I did spellcheck it anyways)

So maybe your trash can still stinks a little even after you take out your kitchen trash, full of chicken bones, dog food remnants and rotten fruit. Spray a few mists of this odor removing spray and you are good to go.

Do you want to see a few more pictures of my little smell-makers? Yes? Great!

ONE lucky reader will be winning this full package of FreshWave products!
(including odor removing spray, odor removing gel, and odor removing packs- like little miniature gel pucks that you can use anywere!)
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Check out their new chic site: HappyHealthyOdorFree

Get some Fresh Wave in your house today!


  1. Would love to get the stinky smells out of my son's room and the downstairs.

  2. Keeping indoor air fresh and smelling agreeable is a valid concern for the home and the workplace. Indoor air can retain odors and become stale quite easily, but this is a problem that can be solved by using the best air fresheners.



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