Slow down, summer

The sun is setting earlier and the days are already getting shorter. We have been loving spending the afternoon at the park, enjoying the warm weather.

Things have been "slow" here because life has been crazy- You may have noticed that my blog site was redesigned. Thanks to Jen at Magic Feather Designs. She waves her magic wand and your dream site is a reality. 

We also had a huge water leak in our bathroom which means we have to completely renovate, which is good and bad. We are hoping to have a transformation something like this:

After some unsuccessful house hunting in our current neighborhood we have also been pondering a change in location. We have both been in Virginia for over 10 years so it's hard to imagine living somewhere else but I think we are ready to try something new. 

Oh and I will be sharing some reviews of my two most recently discovered favorite brands- Bun Maternity (they make very clever nursing tanks!), and Fresh Wave natural odor removing products (no more complaints about a stinky diaper pale)!

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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  1. Dislike on this post - particularly second to last paragraph...



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