My sweet little baby, it feels like she was just born yesterday, and now she is close to TWO YEARS old. How did this happen? Time with a baby goes by so quickly and slowly all at once. At times, she feels so grown up- running, climbing, talking. And then she runs over to my and sunggles up in my arms and she is once again - my baby.

What goes on in that little amazing mind of hers? She has such deep, warm eyes. I wonder what she thinks about. How she sees the world. Does she think I am a good mom? I hope she does. Today I was so carried away at work, when I finally got to take a break my mind quickly went to thinking about my baby. BAM! A shot to the stomach. The moment I thought about her, I felt I had to be with her right away. I hated being away from her. Then I remembered that it was 1pm and that she was fast asleep at school. Last week, I went by her school to see her sleeping. I've been working too much lately. I have to keep my hours to around 20-24 or else my heart hurts thinking about being away from her to much.

I am so so incredibly grateful for the kisses she occasionally gives me. I work hard for them and she doesn't hand them out all the time, but when she does... I love it. Keira is learning a new word almost every day it seems. Just yesterday we were reading a book about animals and I said "monkey", and she said "MON-KEY!". It's so cute.

Summertime is made for being outside. I try to take Keira to the park every day. I usually make it there 5-6 days a week. I want her to be outside, and be free to play, pick up rocks, sand, sticks. Experience nature. 

These two. They love each other. And I love them.

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