Hair's The Deal...

This adorable little 8.5 pound baby was born with ALOT of really dark hair. Keira got a combination of my straight brown hair and Mike's curly hair. I love her little sweet curls and hate to cut her hair but she rarely wants to have her hair up (unlike me- my hair is always in a ponytail!). So we decided that it was best for us to give her some little baby bangs- now she can see again!

Check out some before and after photos.

BEFORE- Hair in her eyes!

AFTER- Beautiful sweeping bangs!

BEFORE- Can she even see me?

AFTER- She can see again!

I posted some of these photos when I was pregnant, asking who would baby look like?
Now you've seen tons of photos of Keira, who do you think she looks like? Is she a mix of the two of us? Do you think she has certain features of each of us?


Do you want to see more photos of me as a baby? Hopefully!
Here's some more...


I need to obtain more photos of my husband as a baby! These two above were the only I could find in our house of him from younger than 15 years old. 

Next year I'll try to post some photos again to see how Keira changes as she grows and maybe she starts to look like one of us more than the other!

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