Ahhh the carefree baby-free days. I LOVE my daughter and would never trade her for ANYTHING.
However a coworker of mine is about to deliver and asked me for suggestions of what I would do before baby arrives.... 

My recommendations for some pre-baby fun:
·         Get a hair cut
·         Go grocery shopping
·         Get a mani / pedi
·         Watch a movie!
·         Go TO the movies!
·         Go for a walk by myself
·         Have a nice long dinner out with my husband
·         SLEEP IN!!!
·         Take a loooooong shower

I love my baby dearly and love my mommy life, but these are things I recommend for those child-free days before baby arrives. You won't WANT to do these things after your sweet child is in your life because as hard it is sounds to believe, I would rather push my daughter in a swing at the park than get a pedicure. It's true. Love you, baby.

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