Review: ThredUP

ThredUP offers Like- New clothes from brands you love. It's like a fancy consignment store- online !

One part of their website offers a "clean out"- where you request a shopping bag, it's delivered to your door, you package up the clothes you no longer want, send them to ThredUP (with free shipping!), and they look through them. The items in like- new condition are accepted for consignment, the rest can either be donated on your behalf (I chose this option), or you can pay to have them shipped back to you.

The profit from your sales can either be given to you as store credit (I chose this option), or a check. Since you get 40% off your first order, combined with my credit from my clean out, my first order barely cost me anything.

ThredUP of course sells these like- new clothing to you! They carry women's and children's clothing, this includes maternity clothes and baby clothes. 

I just received my second order and I am in love. My box arrived full of super-discounted items from BCBG, Boden, Gymboree and BabyGAP. 

How much more sustainable can you get than reusing clothes? (Yes yes- you can be more sustainable but it's a pretty darn good way to reduce waste!)

Here are some of the items I purchased: 


BabyGAP Dress (2T)

Gymboree SwimSet (2T)


Boden Swimsuit

I highly recommend trying THREDUP!

Stay fabulous my friends!


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