I just keep asking myself "why did I not have one of these 
gorgeous Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags 
months ago, when I was still pumping"?

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Pumping moms-
Do you often carry multiple bags to work every day?
Are you pumping on the go?
Will you be traveling for work?
Have you found it difficult to find an outfit that matches your ugly black Medela pump bag?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a Sarah Wells bag! 

Your daily routine can be beautifully simplified by having everything you need for your work day wrapped up in this strikingly stylish tote.

And boy do I have a treat for you- this week we are GIVING AWAY the preppy and adorable Lizzy ($89.99) breast pump bag to one lucky reader!

We can only have one winner of the giveaway but consider you should still consider yourself lucky because you can order yours now at a 15% off discount! 
Use code AFKS92O8 for 15% off, (valid now through July 31 at 11:59pm ET)

Sarah is a mom who wanted more from her pump bag and launched a business around that idea. Her bags have special pockets to get your pump clean and separate from your pens, lip gloss and melted gum. She knows what moms need. Sarah is a DC-area native and an awesome working mom. 

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags are also available for sale on Amazon:
The "Lizzie" ($89.99)

You can follow Sarah on Facebook for the latest on her breast pump bags.

Check out the bags in action!

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  1. I'd love one of these!

  2. Does the main part of the bag have inside pockets (besides pump and insulated pockets)? Am wondering if this could transition to a nicer diaper bag once finished pumping...

  3. These are AWESOME bags - I have a Lizzy and it is amazing how much I can carry in it. I always carry my pump, spare parts and bottle, ice packs... And that's just in the side pockets! I can easily fit my laptop and other work stuff in the main compartment. It's great for traveling too and I think I'll still get a ton of use out of it when I'm done pumping. I'd love to win one for my best friend who is due in September!

  4. Please enter me as well. Love it!

  5. Hi! Enter me for the give-away, please!

  6. I want this bag just to use as a diaper bag/purse!

  7. I would LOVE to win! I always carry spare membranes and food in my bag!

  8. Having a hard time getting my comment to publish all day! :( left a comment on FB earlier. Anyways, I need this bag! :)

  9. Would love to win! I always keep a picture of my munchkin in my bag to help me stay calm when pumping and to remind me why it's so worth it to spend all my breaks and lunches at work pumping in a tiny closet alone!!

  10. I would LOVE to win. I go back to work in a couple weeks and have been DREADING carrying all those separate bags, especially the ugly Medela one!

  11. My pump bag always has extra bottle caps, an extra hands-free bra (in case I dont wear my pumping tank under my work top), and a handful of milk bags for those emergency days where I lose my brain and forget my bottle cooler and bottles!

    These bags are SNAZZY - I've been using a re-purposed gym bag for the last few months because I was tired of the boring old black medela one.

  12. I'd love one of these for LO arriving soon.



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