Review: Milk Nursingwear (and $35 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Breastfeeding in public is so much easier when you're wearing one of these great nursing tops or dresses from milk Nursingwear!

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Hanging out with your inlaws? No problem! Milk Nursing tops are comfortable, stylish, and discreet. You can feel relaxed around friends without kids or your old fashioned grandma knowing that they won't see anything besides the back of your sweet baby's head. 

These are all being worn by me, in real life. I love that I am always ready to feed my baby! 

Sleek pink striped scoop neck nursing top
(shown in Small)
You can easily dress up or dress down this adorable striped top. The fabric is soft and the nursing access is so easy. This is the perfect summer shirt.

Contemporary knot top
(Shown in size Medium)
This lovely breezy shirt is my go-to all summer long. It's great with shorts or cropped pants. I also find it one of the easiest for feeding while baby wearing!

(Shown in size Medium)
Nobody will know you are wearing a nursing top with this modern looking shirt. It comes in bright colors and I love the soft layered fabric. Perfect for grabbing coffee or going on a hike. 

(Shown in size Large, current colors are Gray or Red)
When you are looking for a little more coverage, this is the perfect shirt. I wear this shirt very often for traveling or on breezy days on the beach. It pairs so well with any bottom, classic stripes are always in style. 

(shown in size Small)
This athletic inspired top is great for long walks with baby or a day at the playground. You will love the cut and the loose waist, pairs perfectly with yoga pants for maxium comfort!

(shown in size Small)
I love a dress with sleeves and this one has a nice length for those taller moms, or anyone looking for a little more modesty. 

See my opinion of other milk nursingwear items from my Review of Mama's MilkBox #2

The Fine Print: All reviews provided here are my own opinion. I was provided with one nursing top to perform my review, all other items were purchased by me because I love them so much!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's definitely for the taller folks but it's super comfortable and easy to nurse in.

  2. Those outfits are so cute! Nursing attire has come a long way in terms of style!

    1. Kassia- I totally agree! Brands such as Milk make it much easier for us nursing moms to look cute while breastfeeding.

  3. Love these clothes- you're lucky to have so many!

    1. Jane,
      Thank you! Yes I am very lucky to have found out about these awesome nursing clothes early in my breastfeeding journey and they have just kept accumulating over Christmas, birthdays, etc. I'm wearing a Milk top now as I'm nursing my baby for her nap :-)



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