Working Mom... 9 Months Update

I've been back at work for 9 months now. A lot has changed... I'm not pumping anymore, Keira loves going to school in the morning, and unfortunately I'm not getting to as many fun Friday things anymore as the winter/spring illness has hit our house pretty hard.

The nights have been tough, Keira is super clingy in the evening since we are apart all day. Most of the time it is OK because I miss her too and I love cuddling with her, but it makes things like cooking, doing laundry, cleaning very difficult to do. Being a working mom is hard, very hard. There is alot of stress, guilt, and worry.

I've cut my hours back again (after increasing them around New years) so I'm only scheduled to work 25 hours a week. Usually there is one sick day a week.

Since I have had a hard time, I figure other moms are too. I started a chat group for working moms in my company and I've worked with Office Management and HR to try to get improvements made to the Mother's Room. The other moms have been great about sharing their stories, tips, and tricks for improving the work/family life balance.

Per doctor's orders, I am going to the gym once a week. She wants me to do serious cardio, alone. So I do 30 minutes on the elliptical and watch House Hunters, it's a nice break. I do love walking with Keira in the carrier or the stroller, but I usually keep a pretty easy pace since I'm carrying that heavy weight (24 pounds).

Since the weather is nice again, we have been able to walk over to school from my office. It's a very short walk but still nice to have those 5 minutes of bonding time with her in the carrier. I love seeing her smile at me and happily wave "Buh bye!". Love you, baby!

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