Who I Am & Why I Blog

This blog started as a way to document my pregnancy, I took weekly pictures of my baby bump and shared them with friends and family. Then I started reading information that seemed so important to me that I just had to share it. So I started posting "public service announcement" types of notices in an effort to spread the word. There were some things I feel so passionately about that I post about them frequently, because I know that if more people knew about them, the world could be just a little bit better.

I recently described this blog as a place where people can hear more about my life as a:

babywearing, cosleeping, coshowering, baby-led weaning, extended breastfeeding, extended rear-facing carseat supporting, parent-facing stroller using, postpartum OCD, attachment-parenting mom.

Those are all things that are related to being a mom, that I was trying to keep off of Facebook (not all my friends want to hear about extended breastfeeding and things of that sort).

I am also a:

part-time working, husband-loving, dog-walking, weight-losing, nature photographing, style-searching, extra-wide shoe buying, control-freaking, project managing, sunshine-loving woman. 

I would love to know more about my readers... Who are you?

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