Review: Mama's MilkBox #2

My second Mama's MilkBox just arrived and I couldn't wait to try this stuff on! It is packed full of awesome brands- boob, milk, and Loyal Hana. My only complaint with this box is that I wish I could keep everything, I want it all!

boob ($49)
I love the feel, shape, and color of this boob top, its made of nice thick, soft cotton. I have another nursing top in this same exact color, so I won't be keeping this one, but maybe another color in my next box. PASS

milk ($46)
I have scrolled past this ruffle top several times on the milk website, and I'm so glad I finally tried it on. The color is a perfect fuschia and the ruffles are fun and festive. This is a definite runner up. PASS

milk ($52.99)
The coveted ruffle dress, and it fits! I will most likely be hanging on to this rare piece. I can definitely wear it all summer, it's soft and breezy and so easy to nurse in. KEEP

boob ($65)
This item was in my Box #1 and I sent a message that I wanted to try sizing up and wearing it as a tunic. I think I could pull it off, and I do love the color. However, there are many other pieces that I LOVED so I won't be keeping this top. PASS

milk ($42)
This shirt fits perfectly, and although its a little pricey for a workout shirt, I love the way it feels and will be great for walks with baby. Here I am flexible my "muscle" and showing off my FitBit. KEEP

DOTE ($105)
This dress had me twirling around. I wish I had somewhere to wear this dress, it would be a perfect dress for a special event where you will be nursing baby. Please buy this dress, it's wonderful. It will be very painful to send this beauty back. Maybe I won't... ;-) UNDECIDED

Cotton Glam ($39)
If you need a top to wear for a fun night out on the town, this is it. The nursing function is super easy and the color is a really nice pink. I found it a little too fitted in the tummy area for my taste but you thinner mamas could rock this one. PASS

Loyal Hana ($69)
If you want a nursing top that doesn't feel like a nursing top, this is for you. This is a blouse. It's a gorgeous blouse. I have way to much black and white in my wardrobe right now so I'm not keeping this one, but in another color or pattern I would be sold! (I REALLY want to keep this top and I'm crossing my fingers that I can get this again- size Small) Maybe I'll keep this one? UNDECIDED

Annee Matthew ($55)
LOVE!! This is the perfect summer tank top. I love the rosettes, I love the color, I love the neckline and I love the easy, breezy nursing access. If I was only a little taller, or in my third trimester, the length would be perfect, but it's just a tad too long on me so sadly I have to PASS

VERDICT: Good thing I have some birthday money laying around because there was SO MUCH to love in this box- this Mama's MilkBox NAILED IT. I am not sure how much longer I'll be nursing my daughter, probably another 6-12 months but I feel like all the items I kept could easily be worn even after nursing is over.

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