Being a Champion for the Working Moms

Since I returned to work, I have been lobbying for improvements for new moms and championing a support group for all working moms in my company (the group is 100 moms and growing). I feel very passionate about making moms feel comfortable and happy in the workplace, so this has come very natural to me. At today's working moms lunch I was given a very special gift from some of the moms in my office.

(Read more about Every Mother Counts and the TOMS Partnership here:

I was so touched, I started getting all misty eyed- what a perfect gift! Each bag represents a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. I love that the bag is cute, practical, and helps those who are less fortunate.

Sometimes it gets hard to keep pushing for higher standards for mothers rooms, or spreading the word about parttime schedule options, but gestures like this make me want to keep on going. I love that it's moms supporting moms. People supporting people. 

To pile on to al that awesomeness, a few minutes later I received this email from one of the moms who attended the working moms lunch:

I love that through our support network we can make her life better by giving her confidence to approach her supervisor about a partime schedule. I scheduled the next working moms lunch for mid-June and we plan to talk about how to stay healthy (exercise, eating right) while balancing work and family time. 

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