Sick of Being Sick!

It's been a tough month in our house... Allergies kicked out butts, Mike had an ear infection and an ulcer in his eye, then most recently Keira got a stomach bug and I also got it- real bad.

I thought I was dying so I went to Urgent Care- they said that I was so dehydrated that my heart rate was jumping and my blood pressure was dropping when I went from sitting to standing position. They insisted that I get fluids via an IV.

I got hooked up after three attempts to put a needle into my dehydrated, shrunken veins. After an hour, and 2 Liters of fluids, I was feeling a bit better.

I left with a slew of diagnoses... Ear infections on top of everything else. Oh yeah and an annoying cough, too!

For now I'm staying hydrated and getting rest, whenever I can!

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