Keira @ 17 Months

I'm This has been a crazy month- we went from snow (Virginia) to surf (Florida) to Easter (back to Virginia). Keira is learning and changing so fast right now it's amazing and overwhelming. She wants to do everything herself (brush her hair, try to put on pants/shoes, brush her teeth, and climb up into her high hair).

Her vocabulary has started increasing dramatically, she now says-
"Doh" for Waldo
"PopPop" for her grandfathers
"Gee-Gee" for GG her great grandma
And of course she still says "Hi!"

She is mimicking what we do - in fact she is wiping off our coffee table right now with a washcloth since she sees us dusting it. She motions to brush her teeth and goes to her stroller when she wants to go for a ride (or take a nap).

Her sign language vocabulary is also increasing:
All done
Change (diaper or clothes change)
Night-Night (tired)

You can see her demonstrate some of these here:

Keira weighs about 23 pounds and is about is about 30 inches tall. She is still mostly fitting in 18 month clothes although since she is fairly tall the PJs are a bit snug and she is wearing 24M or 2T pants to cover her ankles while the weather is still cool. 

Here are some photos of our silly, adventurous baby girl!

We love you Keira!!!

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