Originally Posted: Apr 10, 2015

This week I stopped pumping at work (at 17 months, I had been pumping since about 9 months). I was so nervous that I would feel terrible about it but I definitely enjoy not pumping! Keira nurses in the morning and as soon as we get home. I try to leave a little earlier now too, which is easier now that I'm not trying to fit the pump time into my day.

Great article about weaning from the pump, while continuing to breastfeed:
Here's a good question and answer about weaning from the pump:

The point is:
You can absolutely stop pumping and still keep breastfeeding!!!


  1. Lucky! I can't wait to be done with my pump.

  2. Saw this at the perfect time! Excited to be done pumping (will be so much more productive at work) but nervous about the transition to whole milk! (Sensitive tummy!)

    1. @LoTaylor, so excited for you! We tried goat milk for a while, which is supposed to be easier on sensitive tummies. They sell it at Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's. Good luck and happy ONE YEAR!



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