Two Year Blog-iversary

Thank you for continuing to follow our story and for reading BabyGuilfoyle. I can't believe how much things have changed over the past two years:

It has been an amazing journey, with lots of ups and some downs. We have learned so much about each other and hopefully shared a lot of what we have learned with you, our readers!

I really love being a mom. I feel like it's a whole new challenge and I have been given a chance to start from scratch, to try to do everything right, to make someone else's life a happy place. I constantly question myself and try to ignore outside voices that tell me to go against my instincts. Our family is unique and our baby is unique. We love sweet baby Keira and we are so happy she joined our lives!

I will leave you with this hilarious photo that pretty much sums up our funny little family:
(I love the look on Mike's face and how Keira is clearly unimpressed that we matched our Halloween outfits to hers)

One Year Post:

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