Article: Why I Post Pictures of My Children Breastfeeding

A friend of mine shared this article and I loved it from the start, but one of the last passages was actually my favorite:

"So, I post pictures of my children nursing because nursing is beautiful and ephemeral. And because by doing so, I am planting a seed. For every person who might sneer or snicker at my picture, there is an expectant mother—or a young woman who will one day become a mother—looking at the warm embrace between myself and my child. I hope she is feeling the love radiating from her screen. I hope she will pick up on how extraordinary, but entirely ordinary my picture is. I hope she will breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that she will be supported and lifted up in her choice of how to feed her child."

This is exactly what I hope to achieve with my blog. 

In a milk coma:

Passed out:

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