Keira @ 15 Months

Keira is now 1 and 1/4 years old. Her 15 month appointment is delayed due to our doctor being sick, so we aren't sure how big she is- but she is definitely getting taller. Her pants and pajamas are getting shorter everyday but she is still pretty thin. Her hair is also growing very quickly and we have actually trimmed it a little so she can see where she is going!

Keira is making lots of new sounds and I expect her vocabulary will be expanding shortly. For now she is mostly sticking with "Hi", "Woof", and "Doh!" (As in Waldo). Oh and she knows that cats goes "hisssss".

This toddler is climbing up everything she can get to. We took her to a baby gym this weekend and she LOVED it. She could climb up and over all over the place. That is great at the padded gym but not as great at home. She can pull pillows off the couch and use those as steps to climb onto the couch! So we are  trying to teach her the "safe way" to get down (on her tummy, feet first).

Keira still loves dancing, reading books and she has started stacking blocks and learning how to push buttons, slide switches, and turn keys. Here's some photos of the past month!

(Not an approved baby stroller!)

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