15 Month Appointment

Keira had her 15 month appointment this week, a little late due to weather conditions. We saw a new nurse practitioner since we had to reschedule several times and our regular NP was out that day. We really enjoy appointments with the nurses as they spend more time and can answer all of our questions. (Why is she climbing on everything? Why doesn't she like the same foods on different days? Is it normal for her to have temper tantrums?) the answer to all these questions was basically, "because she is a normal toddler."

My sweet baby giving me hugs before the NP arrived:
The nurse gave Keira an overall assessment of "perfect" so we are very happy parents. Her weight gain has been great and even though she isn't thrilled about "other" milk the doctor says that is fine since she eats such diverse meals. 

Her ears had a little fluid in them but they are not infected, it's just due to mucous that all the kids have at school right now.

Here's her stats:
Height = 31.75" (84%)
Weight = 21.5lb (53%)
Head = 18.875" (95%)

She is still wearing some 12 month clothes (dresses and shirts), mostly 18 months and some 18-24 months (pants and sweaters/jackets). She is into the next size shoes now too- size 5. Time to shop for spring shoes with mom (yay)!

Her next appointment is at 18 months.

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