Tummy Troubles

"Shhhh, can I tell you a secret? I'm going to throw up all over my mommy tomorrow morning, but don't ruin the surprise for her!"

We got all cleaned up, emailed work that I have to try to work from home, called school and told them we couldn't come in (vomiting is on the list of things that require 24 hours quarantine). So we got back in bed and slept in... 

When it was finally time to wake up again- She threw up, AGAIN! All over the newly changed sheets. I called the doctor and they said to just keep an eye on her. She had no fever and no other signs of illness.

She ended up taking a super long nap so I was actually really productive and got a lot of work done. She seemed so happy all evening!

Then this morning, bam! Throw up all over me again! Time to change the sheets again! Poor daddy has been doing laundry non stop. We stayed home again today, she took another long nap so I worked like a mad woman while she was asleep (I'm in the middle of a very important project at work). She seemed fine again, was keeping down breastmilk and some oatmeal. We had lunch together while dad was on a conference call. Then I heard it. The gates of hell opening. No. No no no. 

I go get the diaper changing supplies and brace myself. I get her out of her high chair and quickly realize that wipes aren't going to cut it. She is freaking out and trying to hug me, whilst I can see that her onesie is soaked in diarrhea. No. I grab her and run to the bathroom and try to run the bath. She is crying hysterically. (Don't forget that Mike is on an important conference call in the next room). I start taking her clothes off and her diaper is just overflowing with poop. She is crying and I start crying too. I'm so tired and I don't want to take a third shower. So I try to put her in the bathtub and she LOSES it. 

I quickly undress myself (while sobbing), I grab Keira and we get in the shower together. Everything is good again. She just leans her little head on my shoulder and plays with her rubber ducky. 
Mike finally gets off his call 90 minutes later and I can't help but cry as I'm telling him the story. It's so exhausting and overwhelming taking care of a sick baby, it was good to cry. 

Now we are hoping that tonight goes smoothly and Keira's tummy is back on track. Fingers crossed!

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