Stomach Bug, Go Away!

We haven't been outside in almost 72 hours, I've taken at least 8 showers in that time period (4 yesterday), there are piles of vomit soaked sheets and clothes stacking up, all while I'm trying to work from home! Luckily I only had to work 3 hours today. Right when I finished my last email, I sat and nurses Keira. Moments later milk vomit was spewing out of her like a faucet. I did the classic mom move of trying to catch it in my hands. Well I needed to pick keira up because she was crying, soaked in vomit, and about to throw up again. So I dumped the vomit on the floor and held my puking baby. Of course this coincided perfectly with another important phone call for Mike.

The doctor said this morning that a stomach bug is going around and to expect 3 days of vomit followed by up to two weeks of diarrhea. Poor baby!!! I hope that second part doesn't happen. If it does, we are going to need a lot more laundry detergent. Keira is on a strict breastmilk-only diet, but that still didn't seem to help.

She seems pretty happy during the daytime, napping a little more than usual.

Stomach bug, go away!

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