Keeping Baby Warm Outdoors

Keira usually runs pretty warm but we still so our best to make she she is cozy outside in these cold winter temperatures. Layering is key, as with adults. It took us a while to figure out the right combination of items but I think we have got it pretty much down.

Here are the things we love for winter:

-Corduroy overalls. Warm and they nicely protect BABYS midsection. She wears these pink Hatley overalls almost every Sunday  when we know we will be outside. 

-LL Bean mittens. They have Velcro around the wrist to help keep them on.

-Stride Rite boots. These keep her ankles and feet warm and dry, and they have zippers to keep them on and sequins to keep them looking adorable.

-Gap PrimaLoft toddler coat. Super warm, but also thin and lightweight. 

-Zutano cotton hat. I like the hood on her coat but the hat underneath just adds a nice base layer.

-JJ Cole Toddler Bundle Me. Keira never really liked her stroller before but now she loves getting in there and tried to climb in on her own, I swear it's the Bundle Me that won her over!

See how happy she is when she is dressed comfortably!

Stay warm, baby!

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