Got Molars?

Keira has been nursing non-stop lately and I thought it was just residual from her stomach bug. She has been up multiple times each night- momma is tired! There has also been some extra fussiness and inconsistent sleeping.

I noticed her sticking her hand back in her mouth. So I felt around on her gum and sure enough she has a molar on the lower right side coming in- I could feel the points- OUCH!

Keira has always gotten her teeth a little ahead of schedule so I expected to see the molars soon.
Here's the typical schedule:

Primary Teeth Development Chart
Upper TeethWhen tooth emergesWhen tooth falls out
Central incisor8 to 12 months6 to 7 years
Lateral incisor9 to 13 months7 to 8 years
Canine (cuspid)16 to 22 months10 to 12 years
First molar13 to 19 months9 to 11 years
Second molar25 to 33 months10 to 12 years
Lower Teeth
Second molar23 to 31 months10 to 12 years
First molar14 to 18 months9 to 11 years
Canine (cuspid)17 to 23 months9 to 12 years
Lateral incisor10 to 16 months7 to 8 years
Central incisor6 to 10 months

Source: WebMD

I'm getting a bit of nursing fatigue during the night, when I just want to sleep for a nice stretch but I will keep reminding myself that nursing while teething is a natural painkiller. I'm actually making my baby feel better!

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