Favorite Holiday Photos

Last Christmas was special because it was our first with a baby, but it was very stressful. We had a six week old baby, we were away from home, in the middle of cold and flu season, and I'm pretty sure I had mastitis. 

I was set on having a merry Christmas this year, no matter what. I have a few tweeks for next year (less stress, more time at home), but I think it was a success. Keira loved meeting Santa, we visited the Capitol Christmas tree, and we didn't have to ship anyone's presents via overnight shipping! 

We know that we take a lot of pictures year round and we take even more at Christmastime. Out of the hundreds we took, there are several that stand out as my favorites- because they captured a happy memory, a sweet little smile, or the joy of a baby knowing Christmas for the first time. Here are my favorites from 2014:

What made your Christmas merry this year? What would you do differently next year?

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