Favorite Baby Products

I have several soon to be moms and soon to be moms to baby #2 reading my blog. Below I've listed some of my most favorite baby products- many of them are so awesome that I was sad when I discovered them because I wish I knew about sooner!

These are things that I learned about through word of mouth, things that may not be obvious registry picks, may be underrated, may be new items that moms of previous babies might not know about, or just random things that I like!

Baby K'Tan
Best wrap ever for new babies. I carried Keira in this until she was around 7 months, and got too heavy. Its soft, easy to use, and keeps baby in the ergonomic frog position, facing mom. Babies should never be worn facing outwards.

OXO Wipes Dispenser
Thank you OXO for always making well designed items. You will have no problems cleaning up the messiest diapers with this wonderful contraption.

Pumpin Pals
These are truly my pals. I couldn't pump without them. Those flanges you get for free with your pump make you lean over and they just aren't comfortable once you've tried these.

Boba Baby Carrier
So easy to throw on and tote baby along with you! I also recommend the Boba Air, it folds into its own pouch.

Woven Wraps
I wish I started with these earlier, truly the most comfortable way to babywear! They have tons of designs, these are soft and cozy, and they look beautiful.

PackIt Freezer Bags
Stick it in the freezer and its ready to go. They have a whole line of bags in different designs and sizes.

Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow
Cute designs that look good in your living and dont scream "baby pillow". You can use two nursing pillows easily.

Old Navy Ruffle Back Leggings
Baby looks adorable in these and the price is right. You can't beat em.

Milk Nursingwear Tops
Nursing on the go is SO MUCH easier with a nicely designed top. These are a little pricey but I have lived in them for a year.

H&M Bodysuits
They are smartly designed, with a classy snap at the neckline and ruching around the bottom. The material is close to a BabyGap organic.

Arm's Reach CoSleeper
I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. Once it is open, I love it. And I love it completely, until its time to close it back up. We had shed blood, sweat and tears over this device but I wouldn't give it up.

Brica Carseat Mirror
It securely attaches to your headrest so it makes me feel safe about it not

Peg Perego Convertible Carseat
This seat makes me want to throw away my Britax B-Safe seat. It's so cushy, easy to install, easy to use, and never gets tangled.

Seriously, skip that nasty white pasty diaper creme. I see babies screaming at daycare as the teachers put that on their sore bottoms. It smells so bad I can only imagine it stings like hell.


"So That's What They're For"
the best breastfeeding book

"Becoming a Calm Mom"'
for us type A moms

"Sweet Sleep"
the ultimate manual for the cosleeping/breastfeeding mom

"Teach Your Baby to Sign"
because everyone wishes they knew what their baby wants, now you can!

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