Babywearing 102

I have been pining for a woven wrap for probably a year now, as I loved my Baby KTan but Keira outgrew it around 9 months. The Boba and Boba Air are wonderful but sometimes I want something cozier and more customizable.

For Christmas I finally got my woven! I ended up having to exchange it twice to get the right size but I am set now on size 5 as the right base size for me.

Shown above is Didymos size 5- front wrap cross carry, with the passes spread out

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This carry is very similar to the carry we used in the Baby KTan:

We have done a few carries in the woven so far:
Front wrap cross carry (FWCC) and Kangaroo Carry

I am part of a few Babywearing Facebook groups where you can post photos of you and get helpful suggestions for improvements. They introduced me to this new way to tie my back carry that is much more comfortable!
(Rucksack with Tibetan TieOff)

We still have some practice to do and I would like to get into some other carries but we are having fun so far. Keira just cuddles up with me and relaxes, and sometimes will fall asleep. 

I still use my Bobas as they are SO easy for in and out (like waking to the car in the morning, or outings at the zoo!) - and you can also wear those front or back. 

And Keira still likes to nap in those, too!

I love experimenting with different carriers at different times. I would still like to try:
-Mei Tai 
-Toddler Tula (when Keira is over 25lbs)
-Structured back carrier (we have one but haven't tried it yet!)
-Woven wrap carries: double hammock back carry, rebozo (similar to ring sling)

If you're keeping track, here is my current inventory of baby carriers:
-Boba 3G (black)
-Baby KTan (organic)
-Boba Air (royal blue) 
-Didymos woven wrap size 5 (teal/green)

It's never to late to start babywearing!
(OK, except maybe if your kid is in college)

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  1. Tips on how to know what size to get!? I love the woven wraps but I'm so intimidated!

    1. Great Question! The size I am using above is a "Size 5".
      This is considered my "base size" which means that I can do almost any carry using this. It's ALOT of fabric, but for those carries shown above it is actually *JUST* long enough. I would suggest a size 5 if you want to experiment with lots of cozy carries.

      You can purchase the Didymos wrap shown above here:

  2. Great post Kristi! I LOVE wearing my Moby at home, looking to get a ring sling with a bamboo fabric. It's so much nicer on the shoulders than carrying a 15lb baby with one arm. Do you have a tutorial that helped you with the FWCC? I have a Moby right now, could I do FWCC with that?

    1. Hi Christa! Glad you enjoyed the post :-)
      I have not tried the Moby wrap. I actually just followed the instruction manual for the most part, and also got some input from the "Babywearing102" group on Facebook. You can post photos and the ladies there can give you feedback. Great group!My 28-lb baby still wants to be held alot and my shoulders are killing me. I never invested in a nice ring sling, and I wish I had. I only have the water sling (for pool, lakes, shower), and it's great but not as cozy as one like you mentioned, bamboo.
      Happy Babywearing!



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