A Letter to the Working Moms

I wrote this letter (mostly to myself) to ease the mix of emotions that go along with being a working mom. It was a particularly challenging, but good day at work, and a day when drop off went all too well, Keira just smiled and waved good bye. I hope it helps you to know that the way you're feeling is normal and you're not the only one.


Dear working mom,

It's ok that you are working today. 
It's ok if you enjoyed work today.
It's ok if you dreaded going to work today.

Don't feel bad that your baby is now happy when you drop her at daycare.
Don't feel bad if you're happy when you drop your baby at daycare. It's also ok if you do feel bad. 
It's normal to feel conflicted, with every bone of your body, about being a working mom.
It's normal to have good days and bad days.
It's ok if you're still pumping at 14 months, or 24 months. It's ok if you are no longer pumping. 
It's normal to feel like you might openly weep while pumping because you miss your baby so much. It's also ok if you forget you're hooked up to your pump because you're so focused on work.
Don't feel weird if you want to cuddle with your baby all night after being away from her all day. Don't feel bad if you wish you could just get some housework done. You'll remember the cuddles, but not the clean carpets.
It's ok if you question yourself every day. It's ok if the answer is always different, and never definitive. You are making the best decision for you and your family that you can right now. 
It's ok if you're working to provide a better life for your child. It's ok if you think maybe their life would be better if you weren't working. It's ok if you think their life already is better because you are working. 
It's ok to set your own rules. It's ok to ask for 10 months of maternity leave when your company policy is 12 weeks. It's ok to feel guilty for taking 10 months when others only took 12 weeks. It's also ok if you don't feel guilty. It's ok if you think those 10 months were the best thing you ever did for your family.
It's ok to ask for more. It's ok to not be sure.
Remember the things you ARE sure about. You love your baby. You like your job. You like getting a paycheck. Your baby likes going to school. You like your baby's school.
You LOVE your baby. No matter where you are- holding her, standing next to her, or working down the street - you love her.
And that's all that matters.

Love, Yourself

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