Tips for Winter Babywearing

Someone from my mommy group asked about suggestions for winter Babywearing and of course I had something to say about that, here were my suggestions-

"My daughter is almost 13 months and we still love babywearing! I started with her in the Boba carrier the day after we got home from the hospital. We went for walks almost every other day all through winter and spring (and summer...). I babywore very often. Some of my MONA friends don't recognize me when I'm pushing a stroller ;-)
for short walks (and at home) I loved the Baby KTan. It has to fit you perfectly so follow their size guidelines. I had a Small in the organic and it was perfect (I'm 5'3" and weighed about 145 at the time). It's soft, easy, and so cozy. When baby is newborn they are covered up so much by the carrier that it's really an outer layer. 
Layers are the key. For really cold days I would wear a fleece zip up and put baby in a fleece coverall (footy pajama) over a onesie or cotton pj. Then I would wear a big winter coat OVER the carrier. This is key. If you have a maternity jacket- that works beautifully! I still wear mine! when baby falls asleep on your walk you want to be able to sneak inside and keep them sleeping without both of you becoming drenched in sweat. Just pop off the winter coat and you are both just in light fleece layers. Then you can relax for a few minutes while baby finishes up her nap.
I tried one of those carrier covers but it didn't seem to work with the Boba, it was huge, and I felt like I looked like a homeless person wearing a sack. If you can get it to work, I'm sure it was great but for me it was no go."

Here are some terrible photos of us winter Babywearing:

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