Baby Swim

We have been taking baby swim lessons at our local high school. All of our families live near water so we want Keira to get comfortable around water. Mike and I take turns getting in the pool with her, but it usually takes both of us to get her showered and back in regular clothes again afterwards. She can kick her legs, crawl out of the pool, and push herself off the side of the pool.

The county has a whole program that looks like this:

Water Babies (6m to 18m)
Water Tots (18m to Under 4 yrs)
Pre-Fin & Me (2.5yr to Under 5 yrs)
Pre-Fin (3ys to Under 6 yrs)

We may sign up for Water Tots this summer, but we are taking a break this spring since we passed our Water Babies class with flying colors!

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