One Year Postpartum

My body has now had over a year to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. I would say that it's in a much better place, but some things will just never be the same.

Mentally, I still experience some postpartum OCD, but it's much less. I get anxiety and stress like most new parents. I haven't cried much this year and sometimes I wish I had cried more, to just let everything out. I have had a tendency to let things build up and I have to remind myself that it's not healthy. So every once in a while I have a good old breakdown and open the flood gates...

Emotionally, I love being a mom. More than I imagined. Having Keira in my life is just amazing. Watching her learn and grow and change is like seeing a miracle first hand. My capacity to love has grown and she's made me more compassionate and forgiving just because I want the world to be a better place for her to live in. I like holding her close to me and still love walking with her in the carrier...

Physically, my feet are bigger. My stomach is still looser than it was. I can't stand the smell of most candles, perfume air freshener or cologne. Things seem rearranged. The good news is that I'm down about 6 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. My next goal is 125 pounds. That is my wedding weight and where I would like to stay as a maximum moving forward. I think that the 120-125 range would be good for me. I've been doing some ab exercises to try to get a flatter tummy. I feel like I look almost back to normal.

My weight fluctuates a lot but at least I'm seeing a downward trend. Let's hope that trend continues !

Come on 125!

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