12 Month Appointment

Today was Keira's 12 month appointment. We had it a little late to accommodate a second round flu shot. Poor little baby had three shots and a finger-prick blood draw. She was a trooper.

The doctor was very happy with her weight and height increases. Her head hasn't grown much but they said that's ok since it was very big before. 

Here's her stats:
Height- 30"
Weight- 20lb 1oz
Head- 18"

They also tested her eyes (passed), and inspected her ears for any lingering signs of infections (none).

We have been giving Keira lots of eggs and she gets a tad of goat milk on top of her breastmilk bottles. She still nurses when we are together, and during the night. Doctor says we don't have to feed her during the night anymore but I'm not ready for that yet, so shhhh don't tell her that we are still cosleeping ;-)

We needed some post-shot cuddle time:

Here's the info sheet for 12-15 months:

Her next appointment is at 15 months. 

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