Keira @ 11 Months

We are only one month away from the BIG ONE. The past eleven months have flown by and so much has happened. It has been exciting, stressful, joyful, emotional, fun, tiring, and silly. We have laughed, crawled, climbed, wiped boogie noses and cleaned countless diapers. As a family we have traveled thousands of miles, visited the beach, gone hiking and enjoyed many meals together.

Keira is up to new tricks every day, but her favorite things right now are:
-Pulling off her socks
-Pulling off her bib
-Eating chicken
-Waving to strangers
-Cruising around while holding on to furniture
-Banging objects together, or on the table
-Sticking her fingers down her throat
-Laying down and resting her ear on the floor
-Cuddling with mom (mamamamama)
-Laughing and dancing with dad (dadadadada)
-Laying her head on Waldo's tummy

Hey I didn't say these were all normal things to you and me, but for her, they seem like the most fun things one could ever imagine. Althought she has been pulling up on furniture for almost 3 months now, I would still guess that she won't be walking independently by her First birthday. We are totally OK with that.

Here's Keira at 11 months:

11 Months!


  1. Happy 11 months, Keira! I am in denial that she's almost 1 and about to be a little kid and not a squishy baby anymore. Miss you guys!



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