Baby's First Shoes

Last Friday, Keira and I went shoe shopping together. Since she is now walking (still with assistance) we want her to be able to walk outside and not get dirty feet. I read that the best "first shoes" will have a thin sole, preferably made of leather. This is to best mimic the feeling of being barefoot. Babies should never wear shoes until they are walking, barefoot is best. There is a great article about it here: How Shoe Choices For Children Can Affect Foot Development

So the first store tried to convince me that these rubber sole shoes were best so we quickly left. A local toy store carried the PediPed brand that I had heard such good things about. A few minutes after we arrived I slipped the sparkly little shoes on Keira's feet and she never wanted to take them off- she wore them out of the store and all weekend!

You can check out the whole selection of PediPeds here:

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