Sick Baby

We are officially sick but not yet diagnosed. Today was the make or break day and we broke... Keira had a fever (over 100.4F) again so she has to go see the doctor. She isn't allowed to go to school with a temperature over 100F. 

Here's what her temp has looked like since we noticed she felt warm (yes, you will KNOW when your baby has a fever):
99.4 Thur
100.1 Fri
101.8 Sat
102.2 Sun
100.6 Mon
100.7 Tue

She has a stuffy, runny nose and is particularly miserable in the morning. She wakes pretty often, tossing and turning, but during the day (when she is on a steady dose of Ibuprofen), she is just as active as ever. 

Still, I'm lucky that my work is flexible and I can stay home with her and try to nurse as often as possible to keep her hydrated.

We got this thing (Nosefrida) and it's been great, so much better than a bulb syringe:

I've also been taking long steamy showers with her and using my water sling more than usual. She falls right asleep with the warm water running down her back, nestled in mommy's arms.

I feel terrible that she doesn't feel well and I hope that they figure out what is causing her fever and we can fix it quickly and easily!

Look at this sweet sleepy baby face:

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