Keira @ 10 Months

Keira has officially been "outside" longer than she was "inside", she is 43 weeks old, in other words- 10 months. She is crawling, cruising, climbing all over!

-Has 6 (and a half) teeth.
-Wears size 9M pajamas.
-Wears size 12 month shirts, dresses and pants.
-Weighs almost 19 pounds.
-Has grown to 29 inches tall.
-Eats three meals a day plus two snacks.
-Nurses on demand.
-Sleeps from around 9:30pm to 8:00am, with a couple wakings for feedings from mom.
-Still loves her Boba carriers.
-Showers every night with mom before bed.
-Chases after Waldo any chance she gets.
-Giggles whenever daddy tickles her.
-Loves music and dancing!


  1. Happy 10 Months, Keira! Can't believe you're almost a year already. I love seeing all the cute and crazy faces you make!

  2. Hugs to your silly, fun, beautiful girl!



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