Back to Work

Today was back to work day and the start of school...

 I kept my expectations low so I think it went pretty well. I dropped off Keira around 9am and hung out for a little bit to get her settled in. She just wanted to play so I headed out and started my work day!

Being back at the office was nice thanks to my awesome coworkers welcoming me with open arms (I got a hug!) and compliments ("you look great!"), so that was so nice! I pumped once and then had a big meeting and a work lunch. After lunch I felt the urge to go check on my baby :-) she hadn't really eaten any food so it was good that I stopped by, equipped with mommy milk !

I worked a few more hours and then picked Keira up for the evening. I will get more into my work tomorrow but probably still stop by daycare.

Overall I will consider it a success because I didn't cry and Keira was her happy self when we got home!

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