Back to Work... The next couple days

The second day did NOT go as well as the first... But we got through it. I learned on Day 3 that even if she cries when I leave, she stops about one minute after I walk out the door. I stuck around in the hallway to witness for myself and that made me feel much better.

I only worked about ten hours over three days but it was a good transition. I would like to get close to twenty hours next week, but baby is my first priority.

I will say the weekend has new meaning again after working, yay for the work week being over. I got to meet up with one of my besties and her adorable little guy for a nice hike around Roosevelt Island.

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  1. Big hugs, that first sad day must've been hard. So glad it worked out and she's doing great. Maggie was that way with preschool. It's hard to walk away at first, but great when the teachers know how to handle it.

    Jack still tells me in the mornings that his day is going to be horrible and then comes home and says it was the best day ever. It's an emotional roller coaster.



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