Baby's First Ear Infection :-(

After four days of fever, we were called into the doctors office. The Nurse quickly diagnosed Keira with an ear infection and prescribed us some antibiotics. We told to take one more day off from school and then we could go back. Re-transitioning was tough, but we sort of survived. Keira has some tummy troubles with the antibiotics so we have try to feed her a nice bland diet the next week- bread, rice, applesauce, and bananas. 

She was still pretty cute this whole time... 

This is her "I'm sick" face:

She spent a lot of time cuddling with mom:

Snoozing the day away:

And sleeping in late with daddy:

When she wasn't sleeping, and was properly medicated, she was as happy as ever:

We hope she gets better real soon!

1 comment:

  1. Kids are such fighters. They will try to stay happy through sickness until they just can't anymore. Poor girl :( I'm glad she's doing better now!



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