The (Baby) Weight is Over!

As they say- nine months on, and nine months off...

Today was the day that I finally reached pre-baby weight!
I lost the first 20 pounds quickly over the first three months. Those last 8 pounds were much harder to lose.

I am still aiming to lose another 5 pounds as my next goal. My ultimate goal is to be  10 pounds lighter- right at 125. I went for two long group walks so far this week and also bought a bunch of healthy groceries (kale, Brussel sprouts, chicken breasts, pears, oranges). I am staying dairy free and trying to reduce sugar and carbs. I made a fruit smoothie with kale and tossed in a few prunes for sweetness. It was actually delicious!

Baby steps... Literally, walking while carrying my baby. That will continue to help me lose weight ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Congrats!! h will be on that journey soon. Not too worried about now but in a couple months will hopefully start running again.



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