9 Month Appointment

We had Keira's 9 month appointment two weeks ago. Our doctor said that while her percentiles are dropping, she is very active baby and she is not concerned at all. Her final verdict- "she is perfect". Yay!

Here are her stats:
Height = 28" (64%)
Weight = 17.5 lb (38%)
Head Circ = 18" (92%)

Here are our "instructions":


  1. That's almost exactly Maggie's size at nine months! Same height and a half pound less. She had been 95th percentile for height and weight at 4 months, so her percentiles fell too. And then her weight fell off the charts at 18 months, but that's a whole other story. She's at about 20th for weight and 50th for height now.

    Keep growing, Keira! Good work, mama.

  2. Adrianna dropped % around that age too. Totally normal for a busy baby!



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