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Stroller, Stroller in the store
Which is the fairest one of all?

When we were registering, I pretty much did whatever the BabyBargains book told me to do. I asked for the best rated items in the mid-price range. I didn't look at anything in person and didn't think too much about the decisions. Most of the items worked out just fine!

I had always heard people say that "you'll have three strollers by the time baby is one"... Come ON! They can't be serious? My Britax BAgile can be every stroller - a travel system, an umbrella stroller (it's ultra light weight), and a big kid stroller. It's light, folds easily, and is easy to use. This stroller could easily be THE ONE stroller for a lot of people. I have become super granola/attachment parent and couldn't stand putting baby in a forward facing stroller, she didn't like it either... So I started my search for an alternative, and in my research I came across a couple of really awesome strollers:

Contours Bliss
This stroller is small, lightweight and adorable. It has a car seat adapter but not click and go, which I wanted for my Britax car seat. Turns out that we rarely use the car seat with the stroller anymore but it's still handy to have and we could use it again with a future baby number two. If I had a Chicco seat and the snap and go and didn't need to use my stroller as a travel system, I would be tempted to get this stroller. 
Price on Amazon: $399.99

Contours 3 Wheels

A great, inexpensive rear facing stroller! I almost bought this as a second stroller. I got lucky and someone gave us the City Versa. It's not the sleeket stroller in the world but at this price you can't say no!
Price on Amazon: $189.99
Price at Babies R Us: $109.98

UppaBaby Cruz

Small, lightweight, sleek, offers rear facing, great looking, but so expensive! If I started all over again I would VERY seriously consider getting the Uppa Baby travel set- car seat, stroller, and the TravelSafe carry bag (offers protection for damage to your stroller).
Price on Amazon: $454.99

Britax B-Ready
Offers rear facing and a spot for a second baby. Creates a travel system with the BSafe car seat, but it's HUGE and heavy. I would probably not purchase this stroller but I'm sure it's great for some people out there.
Price on Amazon: $399.00

Baby Jogger City Versa
Cost effective and offers a click connect with BSafe seats. Baby can front or rear face and it has a huge basket. The suspension is smooth and makes bumps disappear. It's not too lightweight and a little bulky so I foresee us having to get an umbrella stroller. 
Price on Amazon: $229.99

So if you don't want to spend over $250, it's hard to get a do-it-all stroller. Ultimately we got the City Versa because someone gave us one for free. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely think about the Uppa system. But we are working with our BSafe seat and our free stroller works for us!

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