Keira @ 8.5 Months

Keira is having a BALL! She loves playing with other kids and babies and I can barely keep up with her. We go to the park a lot and she explores in the grass and watches the bigger kids playing. She is crawling on all fours and she is FAST! She is working on mastering the stand up and get back down via squatting (instead of tipping over and falling on her head). She loves standing and I know she wants to walk really badly. 

I really think she will enjoy daycare for those three days a week. She has so much energy to get out. I'm still nervous about the whole thing but I think that's normal. I'm prepared for her to be extra clingy a night. I'll have my baby carriers ready!

Babyproofing and baby chasing keep me busy. I take her to the library the library twice a week and she crawls all over the place and tries to pull books off the shelves. She LOVES book. She doesn't always want to sit through a longer book but she loves the pictures- especially ones with animals and kids. We want to take her to the zoo really soon because I know she would love it now. 

Her favorite food right now is shredded chicken and she really liked the prune purée she had to eat for a few days to clear up some tummy issues.

I can't believe the next update is 9 months. She is growing so fast!

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